Garbhaji Falls

Garbhaji Falls is a popular waterfall situated near the beautiful city of Alwar. It is a magnificent waterfall that attracts both foreign and local tourists regularly. The best feature of this place is the breathtaking sight of the waterfall itself. The mesmerizing sight of water cascading through the rocky terrain will definitely transport you to a different realm.

Surrounded by immense beauty, Garbhaji falls near Alwar is the perfect place for photographers and nature lovers. It is also very popular among people who want to get away from the hectic schedule of city life.

Garbhaji Falls Alwar

Picnics with family and friends over here are also a perfect way to enjoy the surrounding nature. The rocky land surrounding the falls is also used by the Indian Army to prepare soldiers for altitude training. Therefore, hikers, adventurists and trekkers will find this place highly exciting and definitely worth a visit.

Moreover, many popular tourist attractions such as Bala Quila and Bhangarh Fort are located just a few kilometers from the fall in Rajasthan. City Palace, Flying Fox Neemrana, Sariska Tiger Reserve and Government Museum are other famous tourist attractions that are located in the vicinity of Garbhaji Falls.

Best Time to Visit Garbhaji Falls

Even though the tourists can visit the falls at any time, the best time to visit the waterfalls is between 10 am and 8 pm, when the weather is quite pleasant. Also, the winter months are the best season to visit the falls.

How to Reach Garbhaji Falls

Since Garbhaji Falls is located very close to Alwar, the best way to reach the falls is to hire a taxi from the center of the city. Alternatively, one can also rent a car and enjoy other popular tourist attractions on the way to the falls.
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